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Q. What is BUCValu Professional?

A. BUCValuPro is our online web-based equivalent to the BUC Used Boat Price Guide for the professional. You can quickly find values for boats using our sophisticated searching alogorithms.

Q. How does BUCValuPro compare to the printed BUC Used Boat Price Guide?
A. BUCValuPro starts off with the same values that are contained in the BUC Used Boat Price Guide at the beginning of every published edition. As new information is gathered BUCValuPro's values will be updated as needed. BUCValuPro also allows you to select condition and location which will automatically calculate the adjusted value for you. BUCValuPro's adjustment scales are more granular than the broader adjustment scales contained in the book. BUCValuPro's advanced searching mechanism allows location of models very quickly. BUCValuPro does not condense engine's together as is done in the book.

Q. How is BUCValu Professional different than BUCValu?
A. BUCValuPro is designed for the Professional. There are no advertisements. You can enter the condition, location, add outboard motors and trailers to get a better indication of the value. Price adjustments are automatically calculated for you based on area and condition specified. Replacement values are also shown. A printer friendly page is provided. Allows unlimited viewing of all available boats. Click here for more information.

Q. How do I use BUCValuPro?
A. Enter your information in the fields on the form, then click the "Submit" button. After you click the "Submit" button, you will be presented with a list of results that match what you have entered as closely as possible, sorted by decreasing probability of match. Click on the View link to see the specifications and price for each result.

Q. What does "sorted by decreasing probability of match" mean?
A. The higher the vessel is located in the list of results, the closer it matches the specifications that you entered, according to current market data and BUC's complex computerized matching and modeling techniques.

Q. What does "next best group of results" mean?
A. Sometimes your results will be presented in two or more groups accompanied by the message “next best group of results”. The highest group on the page will always be the closest match to what you have entered. Subsequent groups are presented so that you will have the “next best” matching information available.

Q. Why was no match found for the vessel I entered?
A. One possible explanation is that you entered information that was not completely accurate. Please make sure that you enter the correct category, length, manufacturer name, model name and model year of your vessel. You may want to try adding or subtracting the swim platform or bowsprit from the Length Over All. Note: the model name of a vessel does not always indicate its overall length, e.g., the overall length of a Sundancer 350 is 39' 5".

In some cases, there may be no match because we have not received enough information regarding a particular model to enable us to estimate its value accurately. Please see below for information on our Personalized Evaluation Service.

Q. The models displayed do not match what was entered. Why?
A. The valuations we provide will match what you have entered as closely as possible. Please make sure that you enter the correct length, manufacturer name, model name and model year of your vessel.

Q. Why do the engine options displayed not correspond to those I entered?
A. We are unable to accurately evaluate every possible engine option for every model. Therefore, we display the closest possible match to what was entered.

Q. Are condition, location and accessories included as factors in the valuation?
A. Unless otherwise specified in the area and condition fields, the evaluation is given for a vessel in "BUC condition" in the Northeast & Mid Atlantic area. "BUC condition" defines a vessel that is ready for sale, requiring no additional work and normally equipped for its size. If you consider your vessel to be in better than BUC condition, with extras such as additional electronic equipment, etc., you should select "Better" in the Condition field.

Q. Does the evaluation include the value of the engines?
A. In most cases, the value of the engines is included. For vessels with outboard engines, the evaluation will not include the value of the engines, but you will be given the option of adding an outboard engine to the value.

Q. Does the valuation include the value of the trailer?
A. The valuation will not include the value of the trailer, but you will be given the option of adding a trailer to the value.

Q. How can I get a more detailed and accurate evaluation of my vessel?
A. If you were unable to obtain an evaluation for your vessel, or if you would like a more detailed and accurate evaluation, try our Personalized Evaluation Service or contact BUC International at 1-800-327-6929, 8:30am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday. Using current market data and a series of complex computerized matching and modeling techniques, BUC statistically analyzes thousands of actual sales reports. We will help you arrive at a fair and independent evaluation of your boat by analyzing the influence of each item of equipment and the regional market today, with a highly reliable and useful level of accuracy.

Q. How do I order the BUC Used Boat Prices Guides?
A. Visit, or contact BUC directly at 1-800-327-6929, from 8:30am to 5:00pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Q. How do I cancel my Membership?
A. To cancel your membership, simply send an email with the word 'Cancel' in the subject line to Please include your name and either your member or order number. You will receive an email confirmation when your membership has been cancelled.

Q. How do I search for vessels that are available for sale or charter?
A. To search the BUCNET database of listings, visit, where our Boats for Sale search provides the most comprehensive information about the availability, location and pricing of boats and charters, anywhere in the world.


If you have any other questions, please send an email to

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